This group was accepted by the ENFSI Board in January 1996 following a proposal made by Vittorio Barbato (Italy) the year before.

The scope of the Scene of Crime Working Group is:

  • to consider the “crime scene” as part of the overall contribution of forensic science to crime investigation and the administration of justice
  • to recognise that a broad definition of the “crime scene” needs to be employed that covers the location, collection and interpretation of forensic evidence from suspects and victims as well as places/locations
  • to recognise the broad spectrum of interests of police, forensic and law enforcement agencies in effective “crime scene” examination, the involvement and representation on the Working Group will reflect this broad view

Terms of Reference

You can download the Scene of Crime Working Group’s Terms of reference here.

Methods and Techology for Crime Scene Investigation

Europol Platform for Experts (EPE) – Crime Scene Website

The EPE is a secure environment for specialists in a variety of law enforcement areas, enabling them to share within their respective communities – knowledge, best practices and non-personal data on crime.The aim of the ENFSI Crime Scene Website is to share experience on crime scene work and request advice from colleagues. It supports the ENFSI in developing best practices and standards.To this end this platform enables and promotes the framework of the tasks and mandate of the SoCWG.
Access can be given on invitation. If you are interested to get access to the EPE please contact

Jan Biegstraaten: or Andreas Popp: ”


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact Scene of Crime chair David Petretei or the secretary Adele Martin via our contact form. Please state clearly who you message is addressed to.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to .