Currently more than 40 forensic science agencies from about 26 European countries are participating in the European Paint & Glass working group activities. There is also co-operation with the RCMP (Canada) and the FBI (USA).


Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the European Paint & Glass Working Group (EPGWG) are:



  • to assist police in identifying and tracing vehicles from paint traces
  • to maintain the EUCAP (European Collection of Automotive Paints) database
  • to increase awareness of paint evidence and its evidential significance
  • to organise appropriate training courses in paint examination


  • to obtain the best value in glass examinations
  • to organise appropriate training courses in glass examination
  • to increase awareness of glass evidence and its evidential significance

Adhesive Tapes

  • to manage the adhesive tape database
  • to increase awareness of tape evidence

Security Dyes

  • to build up an European database on security dyes
  • to organize annual working group meetings
  • to organise proficiency tests / collaborative exercises
  • to promote quality assurance and good working standards
  • to produce and maintain best practice guidelines
  • to harmonise methods
  • to promote and to harmonise research and development
  • to promote the exchange of information and knowledge



  • Chairperson: Knut-Endre Sjastad – NCIS Oslo, Norway
  • Secretary: Tina Lovelock – Cellmark Forensic Services Abingdon, UK
  • Treasurer: Marine Lebel – IRCGN Pontoise, France
  • EPE webmaster: Christos Batis – Hellenic Police Headquarters, FSD, Athens, Greece
  • R&D, BPMs’ brush-up coordination, EPG-projects coordination: Yeliz Akyürek – LKA FSI Berlin, Germany
  • QCLG: Sabine Schneiders – BKA Wiesbaden, Germany
  • SC Member: Gilbert de Roy – INCC Brussels, Belgium


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