At the AM in Lyon in 2000 the ENFSI board had an enquiry from the Defence Research Agency in the UK to establish an ENFSI supported Explosives EWG. This was accepted in 2004.

The activities of the Expert Working Group on Explosives, also known as the Forensic International Network for Explosives Investigation (FINEX), are directed towards a number of forensic areas relating to explosives investigation, including:

  • Exchange of information and expertise
  • Support on technical issues
  • Promoting quality assurance, proficiency testing and collaborative exercises
  • Harmonisation of crime scene guidelines, examination procedures and analytical methods
  • Co-operation in research and development projects

The FINEX network is intended for government institutes which are active in the field of forensic explosives investigation, including:

  • Crime scene investigation
  • Examination of physical evidence (improvised explosive devices or post explosion debris)
  • Chemical analysis
  • Writing of expert reports and testifying in court as an expert witness


FINEX is open to membership from ENFSI representatives. Additionally, it is open for membership from non-ENFSI institutes and non-European institutes, provided they are active in the field of forensic explosives investigation. Download Membership Application Form.


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact FINEX through the FINEX Secretariat:


FINEX Secretariat

c/o Forensic Explosives Laboratory
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Fort Halstead
Kent TN14 7BP
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1959 892310
Facsimile: +44 1959 892674


Otherwise you can send an email by using the ENFSI contact form or send an e-mail to .