Jan Hlaváček JUDr. a retired colonel – forensic practitioner


Born on August 16, 1949, in Nové Město na Moravě (Czech Republic), married, he has two grown-up daughters. After graduating from secondary engineering school in 1968 he worked as a toolmaker in a factory manufacturing surgical tools.
After undergoing his military service he joined a former Public Security, next, after finishing basic training and several year duration practice he was entirely engaged in forensic crime scene work and forensic science in the course of his service career.


In 1978 he completed university studies and after graduation applied for admission to the Institute of Criminalistics of the Public Security (now Institute of Criminalistics Prague of the Police Czech Republic – ICP). The following year he passed doctorial thesis on the issue of forensic documentation and received his JUDr. degree.
Jan Hlaváček was involved in this field during his early years in the Institute of Criminalistics, later was responsible for methodical management in the field of forensic science of the Public Security. From 1989 he was running a numerous positions, in 1997 became director of the Institute. Service relationship he terminated in connection with a trumped up affair, currently is seeking to retrieve his honour by bringing the case to court.
Jan Hlaváček attended top-management courses in the Academy FBI, Virginia, at State Police in Louisiana and at U. S. Secret Service, he also completed ENFOPOL course. Closely in touch with other counterpart institutions and with respective Interpoľs symposiums, also frequently taking part in international conferences. Jan Hlaváček was a statutory member of ENFSI from 1998.
He was in charge of editorial activities and film production of the ICP, in which he actively participated. He is the author of countless articles focusing on forensic science and expertise, informatics and also papers embracing general issues of these fields. From 1984 to 1990 Jan Hlaváček edited 40 monographs published by the Institute. In 2006, he co-edited the publication Practical Criminalistics (240 pages). He initiated in-house video broadcasting intended for the staff (333 instalments), which lasted for 8 years. During the years 1978 – 2000 he edited the journal CI Professional reports, which was later transformed into an electronic journal Crimi Info (from 2001). In 1997 he became editor of the journal Collected Readings In Criminalistics, which soon turned out to be the most widely read case-based journal within the Police of the Czech Republic.
Similarly, Jan Hlaváček initiated and published other journals before, such as a computer-oriented journal Reporter of ATARI Club, professional-popular magazine Criminalistic Society, and further, he authored “crime” column in the most widely read electronic daily the Invisible dog (1994 – 2001). On top of that, he is the author of some web presentations (1996 – Institute of Criminalistics), web page of the ski club that organizes World cups in cross-country skiing (from 1998) and now web page of FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Liberec 2009.
Jan Hlaváček thought out a subject of the TV film Reliquary of Saint Maur (Czech TV, 2006), and also produced several of his own films.

He was involved in some social organizations, next he was one of the founding members of Atari Club Praque (1985) and Society for Criminalistics (1990).
Jan Hlaváček is a state decoration holder – In Service for Nation, In Merit for Defence of Nation, he was decorated with several medals – Police of the Czech Republic Medal of Merit to Security, Medal of Loyalty 1st Grade and Police of the Czech Republic Plaque.
Jan Hlaváček was put on the list ranging 5000 personalities Who is who – a few publications covering present Czech leading figures.


Among his hobbies are writing, editing, photographing, filming, space and skiing.