The Quality and Competence Committee (QCC) is one of the ENFSI Standing Committees.

QCC aims

The aims of the QCC are to develop policies and provide advice to the expert working groups and ENFSI members, to help the laboratories of the ENFSI members comply with best practice and international standards.

The Terms of Reference specify that the QCC shall achieve its aims through:

  • Liaison with a Quality and Competence Liaison Group (QCLG) of representatives from the ENFSI laboratories and the Expert Working Groups
  • Meetings of the QCLG
  • Conference seminars at an open ENFSI forensic science meeting
  • Co-ordination of proficiency tests throughout ENFSI
  • By representing ENFSI on forensic quality issues with international organisations for accreditation and certification.


The QCC is composed of the following individuals:

  • Jos Tóth (NFI, The Netherlands) – Chairperson
  • Daniele Vaz (LPC, Portugal) – member
  • Alexandros Lazos (FSD, Greece) – member
  • Sanya Sreekumar (Met. Police, UK) – member
  • Claudia Pastore De Cristofaro (SNPS, France) – member
  • Sigita Jakimoviene (LPFSC, Lithuania) – member
  • Thierry De Baere (NICC, Belgium) – member
  • Agnieszka Łukomska (CLKP, Poland) – Board representative

Information about the QCLG members and registration submission of new QCLG members is possible through the QCC Chairperson.

Best Practice Manuals (BPM)

The QCC facilitates the production, implementation and review process of BPMs.

Proficiency Tests & Collaborative Exercises

The ENFSI memorandum of understanding encourages cooperation between its members, their laboratories and other international organisations in the development of new scientific methods, procedures, standards, practice, training and quality assurance.

In order to develop/adopt best practice, proficiency tests and collaborative exercises are carried out by members, so on this webpage, the QCC provides information on proficiency tests and collaborative exercises run within and outside ENFSI.

  • European database on general proficiency tests and collaborative exercise providers (European information system on proficiency testing schemes).


If you want to input a new provider, add information, make comments or a revision on the information published, please contact the QCC directly under