The Board is accountable to the Membership, the highest authority in ENFSI. Its task is to perform a managerial role aiming to develop the ENFSI policies. The Board Members are elected for a three-year term (four-year term for the Chairperson and Chairperson designate) by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The tasks and responsibilities of the Board are regulated by the Terms of Reference for the Board.

In 2022 two new regular Board Members have been elected: Agnieszka Lukomska and Attila Kuczmann. Stefan Becker did not candidate for another term. 

The 26th Board consists of:

  • Christina Bertler Edlund, Chairperson
  • Dorijan Kerzan, Treasurer
  • Alexandra André, Member
  • Chris Porter, Member
  • Aleksandar Ivanovic, Member
  • Agnieszka Lukomska, Member
  • Attila Kuczmann, Member