In 1992 directors of Western European governmental forensic laboratories agreed that they should hold regular meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest. At the first meeting in 1993 in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) 11 laboratories were represented. It was agreed that membership in ENFSI would be open to countries from the whole of Europe.


Founding meeting

The formal Founding Meeting took place on October 20, 1995 in Rijswijk (near The Hague) and is considered to be the official birthday of ENFSI. Here the founders of ENFSI signed the Memorandum of Understanding governing the operation of the Network, the first regular Board was elected and the logo was introduced.



At the Annual Meeting 1999 in Moscow, the first Constitution for ENFSI was accepted by the membership. In that same year the ENFSI website was established:
In 2002 a Secretariat was established for a trial period, financed from the – new introduced – membership fees. The Netherlands Forensic Institute volunteered for hosting the Secretariat.

A new ENFSI Constitution was approved in 2004. The main features were the transformation from a personal membership into an institutional membership as well as the definite introduction of an annual fee.

During the Annual Meeting in 2015 the membership decided to transform the network into an association under German law. Since October 2015 ENFSI is regarded as a non-profit organization, the new constitution accordingly names the goals ENFSI strives for to support the forensic science community in Europe and worldwide. With the new legal status came the decision to move the Secretariat to Germany as well for an indefinite period.


Monopolist status

In 2009 the EC recognised ENFSI as a so-called monopolist i.e. it is considered as the sole voice of the forensic science community in Europe.