The following posters have been designated by the jury of the 3rd European Academy of Forensic Science Meeting in Istanbul as the fifteen best posters, in the following order:

  • A Simple Method for Distinguishing between Fresh and Old Balpoint Pen Ink Entries (HAN-FP-05) Jan Andrasko, Linköping Sweden
  • Low Copy Number (LCN) DNA Analysis – A General Validation of the Specialised DNA Analysis Method with Specific Application to Telogen Hair (DNA-TP-09) Johannes Hedman and Ann Jangblad, Linköping Sweden
  • Non-Destructive Spectroscopic Analysis of Ballpoint and Gel Pen Inks (DOC-WP-01) Allison E. Jones and Rosalind Wolstenholme, Preston United Kingdom
  • Persistence and Recovery of DNA from Incendiary Devices (DNA-FP-10) James mann, Niamh Nic Daéid and Adrian Linacre, Glasgow United Kingdom
  • Hallucinogenic Mushrooms; Validated Analysis of Psilocin and Psilocybin by MECC (DRU-TP-19) Markus Schläpfer and Michael Bovens, Zurich Switzerland
  • Protogrammetric Techniques to Estimate a Suspect’s Size (DIG-WP-03) Loïc Canevet, Rosny-sous-Bois Cedex France
  • The Wildlife Forensics DNA Facility: A new Initiative of Wildlife Institute of India (WIL-FP-07) Reeta Sharma and S.P. Goyal, Dehra Dun India
  • Light and FT-IR Microscopic Examination of Sections of Laminated Documents (DOC-WP-06) Agnes Szokene Toth, Peter Korodi and Attila Lapat, Budapest Hungary
  • Chemometric Analysis of Raman Spectroscopy Data on MDMA in “Ecstasy” Tablets (DRU-TP-10) Laurence Dujourdy, Sonia Pocognoli, Sabine Hess, Patrick Buzzini, Genevieve Massonnet and Pierre Margot, Lausanne-Dorigny Switzerland
  • Optimisation of Laser Wavelength for the Raman Analysis of Fibres (FIB-WP-05) Jane Thomas, Sydney Australia
  • Forensic Comparison of Packaging Tapes – An Elemental and Isotopic Perspective (PNT-TP-04) Andrew M. Dobney, Wim Wiarda, Peter de Joode and Gerard J.Q. van der Peyl, Rijswijk The Netherlands
  • DNA Typing from Elephant Tusks and Rhinoceros Horn – Strategies and Applications in Wildlife Conservation and Animal Forensics (WIL-FP-02) Ruth Bollongino and Joachim Burger, Mainz Germany and Susanne Hummel, Göttingen Germany
  • Obtaining Sections of (Human) Hair with the Cryo-Microtome (FIB-WP-08) Kathy Vits, Tom Boonen, Luc Bourguignon and Francoise Hubrecht, Brussels Belgium
  • An Investigation into the Correlation of Knife Damage on Clothing and Wounds in Skin (MED-FP-08) Shane McHugh and Niamh Nic Daéid, Dublin Ireland
  • Profiling of Amphetamine Using UV and NIR Spectroscopy (DRU-TP-02) Kjell Andersson, D. Franzén and Johan Dahlén, Linköping Sweden