The aim of the E&T Project Group is to act as the strategic advisor and co-ordinator to ENFSI on matters of Education and Training in a broad sense.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference specify that the E&T SC shall achieve its aims thru:

  • Evaluate E&T needs of ENFSI stakeholders
  • Identify E&T gaps
  • Lead E&T projects
  • Co-ordinate E&T activities (projects, forums, events)
  • Maintain a Web based E&T agenda
  • Set up and maintain an ENFSI E&T register of qualified trainers for a defined area of competence
  • Facilitate the communication between agreed external training institutions (CEPOL, EJTN, etc.) the ENFSI organization, and ENFSI members
  • Stimulate E&T initiatives
  • Co-ordinate and provide support to the E&T activities of ENFSI project groups and ENFSI working groups

In 2011 the project has resulted in the establishment of a new Standing Committee on Education and Training.


Point of contact

Dr. Peter W. Pfefferli,
Forensic Science Institute Zurich
P.O. Box, CH-8021 Zurich / Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)44 247 2400
Fax +41 (0)44 247 2398