The Forensic Information Technology (FIT) Working group interest


“All the sciences and technical disciplines combined to allow the examination of material that contain information (computers, networks, electronic devices etc…) to assist an investigation and, eventually, present evidence for a trial.”


Main activities

  • Computer data analysis
  • Technical aspects of Internet investigations
  • Examination of electronic devices

Aims and Mission

  • To maintain a FIT-WG which complies with the global aims of ENFSI
  • To develop and promote in ENFSI member laboratories a discipline of forensic information technology
  • Cultivate co-operation with other working groups and committees concerned with digital evidence
  • To establish quality in all aspects of forensic information technology
  • To cultivate relations with significant technical organisations

In order to achieve these aims:

  • FIT WG meetings are organized each year
  • there are committees for
    • quality assurance
    • research and development
    • training and education

Structure of FIT WG

This Group was established in 1998 in Prague and accepted by the ENFSI Board the year after.

The Steering Committee of FIT WG consists of:

Zeno Geradts, NFI, Den Haag, Netherlands

Vice chairman
Chris Lavoine, Gendarmerie, France

Johan Hultman, Swedish National Forensic Centre, Linköping, Sweden

Ralf Kricsanowits, BKA Germany

Quality Assurance Manager
Thomas Russier, National Forensic Police Department with help of David Lawton DSTL, UK

Location 5G subgroup
Thomas Russier, National Forensic Police Department

Research and Development Managers
Thomas Souvignet University of Lausanne with help of David Lawton DSTL, UK

Education and Training Manager
David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle, ESC, University of Lausanne, Switzerland with help of Abdul Boztas NFI, Netherlands

Quality Assurance Project Team
Gregory Webb, Metropolitan Laboratory

Program Manager 2024 meeting expected in September 2024
Donatos Dosis, Forensic Science Division, Hellenic Police


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


For information concerning applying for membership, please contact chairman Zeno Geradts or secretary Johan Hultman by sending an email through the ENFSI contact form.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to .