The first European Meeting for Shoeprint/Toolmark Examination took place in Finland in May 1995. Already the same year an “Information Bulletin for Shoeprint/Toolmark Examiners” was published, and in the autumn the group was invited to join ENFSI.

Aims and objectives

The general aims of the Expert Working Group Marks are to raise the level of expertise in marks examiners and to promote best quality assurance practices in the fields of expertise of the group.


These aims are to be achieved by:

  • ensuring that there is an interchange of information between examiners in different organizations through scientific meetings, personal contacts and a regular Information Bulletin
  • promoting research covering the various types of examinations conducted by members of the working group
  • establishing good contacts between the working group marks and other relevant groups
  • considering collaborative exercises with a view to standardizing the levels of conclusions reached in different organizations


  • Membership
    Membership of the Expert Working Group Marks will be open to all examiners in the relevant fields who are employed by ENFSI organizations.
    Guest membership will be extended to other individuals, either working for themselves or in non-ENFSI organizations, which carry out examinations in the relevant discipline.
  • Organization
    The Expert Working Group Marks will be run by a chairman and an Organizing Board. Membership of the Organizing Board (Steering Committee) is by invitation of the current Board members. Recommendations for the future board members can be made by full members of the working group. The position of members of the Board will be ratified by a working group marks meeting every two years. The chairman will act as the contact with the ENFSI Board. The Board will meet at least once every year to discuss the future strategy and past progress of the working group.
  • Scientific meetings
    Regular scientific meetings will be organized for marks examiners, usually at two year intervals. The meetings will be financed by a registration fee. A working group business meeting will be held as part of the scientific meeting. The host for the next meeting will be selected by the Board of the working group marks at the previous meeting.


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact the Marks Working Group via our contact form. Please state clearly who your message is addressed to.

Otherwise, you can send an e-mail to