Aims and objectives

To exchange information by means of:

  • a repeated audit of individual institutes capabilities, skills and resources
  • setting up and maintaining a DIWG website with secure and public pages
  • defining and updating a priority list of forensic problems

To develop best practice by means of:

  • sharing validation reports and methods
  • organizing a meeting once or twice a year to discuss casework
  • setting up communication channels for emerging technologies

To establish standards:

  • best practice manuals and guidelines
  • programs for quality assurance and certification
  • proficiency tests

To exchange data:

  • collaborative tests of methods and technology
  • information about emerging technologies
  • casework problem exchange


  • Chairperson: Patrick De Smet (NICC – Belgium)
  • Deputy Chairperson: –
  • Steering Committee: QCC liaison: Lucy Neale (Metropolitan police – UK): R&D liaison: Giovanni Tessitore (Forensic Science Police Service – Italy); Secretary: Daniela Treude (BKA-Germany); FIC subgroup lead: Sergio Castro Martinez (Comisaria General de Policia Cientifica – Spain); 3D imaging subgroup lead: Bart Hoogeboom / Derk Vrijdag (NFI – Netherlands); Image Technology lead: Erik Krupicka (BKA – Germany); Treasurer: Stefan Ott (BKA – Germany); Webadmin: –


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact the Digital Imaging Working Group Chairman – Mr. Patrick de Smet, the members of its steering committee and the Working Group’s webeditor via our contact form.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to