Aims and objectives

The European Document Experts Working Group (EDEWG) was established in 1998 and supports the aims and objectives of ENFSI in the area of Forensic Document Examination.


The activities of EDEWG will be directed towards:

  • Exchange of information and expertise
  • Support on technical issues
  • Promoting quality assurance, proficiency testing and collaborative exercises
  • Harmonisation of examination procedures and techniques
  • Co-operation in research and development


EDEWG is managed by the Steering Committee (8 experts from different institutes). The working group consists of 57 ENFSI members from 31 different countries and of 8 associate members. A Conference is held every two years and Business Meetings are held annually, in conjunction (where possible) with the EDEWG Conference.


EDEWG has a number of mainly technical based subgroups, each taking forward areas such as research and development, method validation, writing of Methods & Procedures, QA-trials, exchange of information, collection of samples and information for database purposes, etc. in specified areas of questioned documents. At the moment the topics of these subgroups are:

  • Non-destructive examination of printing products
  • Analysis of inks and toners
  • Ink dating
  • Security documents recognition

Each year EDEWG produces one quality assurance trial to distribute amongst its members. The evaluation of the results helps the Steering Committee to decide, if e.g. workshops are necessary to train its members, or if existing best practice methods need to be adapted or new methods written.


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact EDEWG chairperson Rolf Fauser via our contact form.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to .