Aims and objectives

The Drugs Working Group (DWG) supports the aims and objectives of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) in the area of forensic drug investigation. The main activity areas of DWG include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality assurance and accreditation
  • Professionalism in the field of drug analysis
  • Information exchange
  • Research & Development

The strategic goals of DWG are:

  • Acting as a platform for information exchange on new developments and trends
  • Organizing an annual conference type of meeting in addition to the business meeting
  • Promoting accreditation of member laboratories
  • Establishing quality assurance requirements
  • Preparing guidelines and recommendations regarding specific issues on drug analysis
  • Organizing proficiency tests
  • Enhancing the competence of forensic drug experts
  • Establishing a joint MS library for drugs related compounds
  • Influence on world-wide scale on the development of working practices by participation in the work of SWGDRUG
  • Co-ordination of the work between other organisations (SWGDRUG, UNODC and EMCDDA)


DWG has a steering committee and several subcommittees. The steering committee currently consists of:

  • Irene Breum Müller (Denmark) – chairperson
  • Natasa Radosavljevic-Stevanovic (Serbia) – deputy chairperson
  • Annette Sprong (Netherlands)
  • Fraser Paul Johnston (UK)
  • Maria Afxentiou Stylianou (Cyprus)
  • Teresa Juanas San Martin (Spain)


You can contact the DWG chair Irene Breum Müller by sending an email through our contact form. Please state clearly who your message is addressed to.