The activities of the Expert Working Group on Explosives, also known as the Forensic International Network for Explosives Investigation (FINEX), are directed towards a number of forensic areas relating to explosives investigation, including:

  • Exchange of information and expertise
  • Support on technical issues
  • Promoting quality assurance, proficiency testing and collaborative exercises
  • Harmonisation of crime scene guidelines, examination procedures and analytical methods
  • Co-operation in research and development projects

The FINEX network is intended for government institutes which are active in the field of forensic explosives investigation, including:

  • Crime scene investigation
  • Examination of physical evidence (improvised explosive devices or post explosion debris)
  • Chemical analysis
  • Writing of expert reports and testifying in court as an expert witness


FINEX is open to membership from ENFSI representatives. Additionally, it is open for membership from non-ENFSI institutes and non-European institutes, provided they are active in the field of forensic explosives investigation. Download Membership Application Form.



You can contact FINEX through the FINEX Secretariat:


FINEX Secretariat

c/o Forensic Explosives Laboratory
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Fort Halstead
Kent TN14 7BP
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1959 892310
Facsimile: +44 1959 892674


Otherwise you can send an email by using the ENFSI contact form or send an e-mail to .