Aims and objectives

The ENFSI EWG Firearms/GSR is the European organisation of experts in one of the most interesting disciplines of forensic science. – It combines scientific experience in the fields of firearms identification (FAID), firearms technique, gunshot residues (GSR) and scenes of crime reconstruction in firearms offences. According to the Terms of Reference (ToR), in compliance with the goals of ENFSI, world-wide associated members join in the annual meetings and the projects of the EWG Firearms/GSR.




EWG Firearms/GSR was founded in 1995 in Rijswijk. It is governed by a steering committee and consists of two subgroups:

  • firearms (FA)
  • gunshot residues (GSR)

The interests of these subgroups have an overlap. The Steering Committee consists of five members each from both fields of expertise (FA, GSR).


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


  • Chairperson: Kal Chana, Cellmark Forensic Services, UK (GSR)
  • Secretary: Alice Walters – Metropolitan Police, UK (FA)
  • and Fabiano Riva – ESC/UNIL, Switzerland (FA)
  • Treasurer: Thomas Liebscher – BKA, Germany (FA)

Temporary guest member, responsible for organising the previous and next annual meeting:

  •  João Freire Fonseca, Forensic Science Laboratory, Portugal, next AM Host
  • Cédric Sautier, IRCGN, French Gendarmerie, previous AM Host
  • Thierry Dodier, IRCGN, French Gendarmerie, Previous AM Host

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You can contact the Firearms/GSR chairs by sending an email through our contact form. Please state clearly who your message is addressed to.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to .