Brief History

The idea of establishing the Road Accident Analysis Expert Working Group was worked out jointly by the Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow (Poland) and the Forensic Science Service (United Kingdom). The first meeting of the Group was held on October 24, 1998 in Zakopane, Poland. Representatives from 8 laboratories were present. During that meeting, the RAAEWG Statute was worked out on the basis of the ENFSI statutes.


Terms of reference

Fields of activity cover the following aims:

  • establish links between road accident reconstruction experts within the national forensic science institutes.
  • exchange information on computer software and other equipment used in the reconstruction of road traffic accident and recommend the most suitable ones.
  • exchange of information about current research, co-operate where possible and exchange results.
  • exchange of scientific materials, proceedings of conferences seminars etc. directly or by providing references.
  • collaboration on the development of standards of competence (qualifications) for both police accident investigators and forensic scientists working on road traffic accident reconstruction.
  • exercises and tests to increase competence.


Currently, WG-membership is not formally arranged. For each RAA EWG meeting, the WG steering committee will send out invitations to anyone that we know of who is occupied with accident analysis and is affilliated with an ENFSI member institute.


Accident analysis is not widely represented among ENFSI member institutes. In many (European) countries, this field of expertise is covered traditionally by private experts, engineering firms or (technical) universities. We encourage anyone involved in accident reconstruction to join our meetings as a guest. Guests will not have a right to vote. Please contact our steering committee well in advance of the meeting.



Decisions of the RAA EWG are ratified by the majority of ENFSI member institutes presented. If an ENFSI member institute is presented by more than one represenative, only one is allowed to vote. Enfsi member institutes not presented at a meeting may instruct a representative of another Enfsi member institute to vote on their behalf, provided the steering commitee has been notified before the meeting.


Steering committee

Steering committee membership starts and ends at RAA EWG meetings. Foreseeable vacancies in the steering commitee will be communicated to the persons listed in the member list well before a meeting. New steering committee members are elected by and from the representatives of ENFSI member institutes present at the meeting.


Currently, the steering committee has the following members:

  • Chairperson Mrs. Lina Lazarenko, FSCL Vilnius
  • Deputy Chairperson Mr. Florin Ruşitoru, NIFE, Bucharest
  • QCC representative Dr. Bogdan Bobos, NIFE, Bucharest
  • Webmaster Mr. Aart Spek, NFI, The Hague


You can find the EWG’s Best Practice Manuals and Guidelines here in the Documents-Section.


You can contact the RAA EWG via our contact form.

Otherwise you can send an e-mail to .