3rd European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology

2014-08-22 - 2014-08-23

Cranfield; UK


The Cranfield Forensic Institute and the ENFSI Project Group Forensic Archaeology are pleased to announce the 3rd European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology (EMFA). The dates and time tables for this two-day meeting are Friday 22nd August (11 AM – 6 PM) and Saturday 23rd August (8:30 AM – 4 PM) 2014. The venue is Cranfield University, UK.
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how forensic archaeology is organised and practiced within different European countries; to present case studies and R&D work (e.g. human taphonomy, geophysics); to meet foreign colleagues; and to inform you on the advancement of the ENFSI forum for Forensic Archaeology. It is estimated that each oral presentation will last circa 20-30 mins, depending on the total number of presentations.
The first day of the meeting is open only to forensic archaeologists and other forensic practitioners who apply forensic archaeological theories and methodology in their casework. The second day of the meeting is also open for graduate students.
There is no fee for the meeting and lunches and a social dinner on Friday evening will be provided for attendees. It is also possible to obtain onsite accommodation for a reduced rate, and a shuttle service from Swindon train station and the venue (and v.v.) will be provided. Cranfield Forensic Institute is part of Cranfield Defence and Security based at Shrivenham and the venue is also about a 40 minute drive or bus ride from Oxford.
The individuals who would like to participate in the meeting with an oral paper are requested to contact Mr Roland Wessling as soon as possible and not later than May 26th 2014. The individuals who want to take part in the meeting without a paper should contact Mr Roland Wessling not later than June 30rd 2014. More information on the meeting will be provided to all participants early July 2014.
In case of any questions/remarks about the meeting, please contact the organisers of 3rd EMFA:
Roland Wessling, Cranfield Forensic Institute (r.wessling@cranfield.ac.uk)
Nicholas Márquez-Grant, Cranfield Forensic Institute (n.marquezgrant@cranfield.ac.uk)
Karl Harrison, Cranfield Forensic Institute (k.harrison@cranfield.ac.uk)
Mike Groen, Chair ENFSI Project Group Forensic Archaeology (m.groen@nfi.minvenj.nl)