Basic Bloodstain Analysis Course

2014-02-03 - 2014-02-07

Nieuw-Vennep; The Netherlands


This course is designed primarily for practitioners who routinely examine bloodstained fabrics and other textiles and are required to assess, interpret and report on bloodstain patterns as part of those examinations. The course is delivered through a combination of “face to face” instruction and self-directed learning. A minimum 80 hours of structured learning activities is required, inclusive of the 40 hour “face to face” residential component. The course will review the underpinning principles of BPA, and apply these principles to the analysis and interpretation of bloodstains on fabrics and other textiles. When examining clothing and other fabrics, the practitioner must be mindful of influences such as the fabric type, texture, treatments and the orientation of clothing, all of which may affect the appearance of bloodstains at the time the blood was deposited. The primary focus of the course is to develop those skills required for the examination of bloodstain patterns found on clothing items, including the use of microscopy to discriminate between spatter and transfer bloodstains. Prior to attending the 40 hour residential, participants will be expected to complete at least 20 hours of preparatory work including selected readings, a review of a slow motion BPA video and preparing and submitting a mock report covering the bloodstain pattern analysis of an item of bloodstained clothing. Participants may be required to present oral and demonstrable evidence based on this report in a moot court situation and will receive feedback on their BPA knowledge and evidence presentation skills.
Following the 40 hour “face to face” residential, participants will be required to complete a report summarising their findings related to the examination of bloodstained clothing during practical exercises at the residential. The report must be submitted within eight weeks of completing the residential.
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