European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology (EMFA 2015)

2015-08-28 - 2015-08-29

Pontoise; France


The Forensic Sciences Institute of the French Gendarmerie (IRCGN) and the ENFSI Project Group Forensic Archaeology are pleased to announce the 4rd European Meeting on Forensic

Archaeology (EMFA). The dates and time for this two-day meeting are: Friday August 28th (9.30 AM – 4.30 PM) and Saturday August 29th (9.30 AM – 4 PM) 2015. The venue is the Forensic

Sciences Laboratory of the French National Gendarmerie in Pontoise (near Paris), France. The theme of the meeting will be: “Crime Scene: Role of the Forensic Archaeologist in a

Multidisciplinary Team” with the purpose to discuss the present state and further development of forensic archaeology in European countries; to present forensic case studies and R&D work

(e.g. archaeological theory and methodology, human taphonomy, geophysics); to meet our international colleagues; and to inform you of the advancement of the ENFSI forum for

Forensic Archaeology. The meeting is open to forensic archaeologists, to forensic scientists who apply forensic archaeological theories and methodology in their casework and to all

other individuals working in a judicial context (e.g. public prosecutors, police officers) that are interested in the possibilities forensic archaeology has to offer in the legal context.

You and your colleagues are invited to participate in this 4th European meeting and are welcome, if you so wish, to give an oral presentation and/or present a poster on one of the

above mentioned topics. It is estimated that each oral presentation will last circa 20-30 mins, depending on the total number of presentations. There will be a limited fee for the meeting

and lunches together with a fee for the social event and dinner on Friday evening. If you wish to participate in the EMFA 2015 and present an oral paper, please contact Ms

Anne Coulombeix as soon as possible, not later than March 31st 2015. If you wish to attend the EMFA 2015 (with a poster), please contact her no later than June 30rd 2015. Additional

information concerning EMFA 2015 will be provided to all participants in early June 2015. Should you have any queries, please contact us.

We thank you in advance for your attention and hope to see you in August at the Forensic

Sciences Institute of the French Gendarmerie in France.

Yours sincerely,

The members of the organizing committee

  • Anne Coulombeix, IRCGN, Pontoise (
  • Mike Groen, Chair ENFSI Project Group Forensic Archaeology (
  • Yves Schuliar, Director for Education and Research, Criminal Centre of the National

 Gendarmerie, Pontoise (