Forensic Governance Course

2015-03-01 - 2015-03-06

The Hague; The Netherlands


Innovation, backlogs and delivery times demand growth, new science and technologies. To get the most out of your resources, your organisation needs to become more transparent, predictable and professional. To lead your team through this transition, you need the right knowledge and tools. That is why the Netherlands Forensics Institute (NFI) is organising a unique, week-long executive course for the leaders and managers responsible for strengthening their organisation.
During this venue CEO’s and managers of forensic labs have the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face. These include:
· an increasing demand for forensic science services. Forensics scientists are able to find increasingly small traces at the crime scene, thereby increasing demand from police and public prosecution. The number of items and samples per crime scene is set to increase exponentially.
· the need to balance the need within the organisation for
      o innovation, research and development
      o education and public relations
      o improving processes within the lab and the forensic chain
      o improving quality and reducing cost
      o finding ways to increase the lab’s credibility by offering predictable delivery times
The Forensic Governance Executive Programme deals with more than forensics. Taught by experts from various management, science and business disciplines, the course offers profound insights and cutting-edge knowledge. This allows you to reflect on your own leadership, the vision you are realising and the way you are leading your organisation to offer the most adequate services. Once you have acquired these insights, you will look at your organisation with a fresh perspective and come up with creative solutions to innovation and change.
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