International scientific conference – 15 November 2017




Albanian Academy of Security organizes the scientific conference with international participation, titled “Forensic sciences and contemporary security challenges.” There are invited academic, scholars, professionals and students to submit their papers, projects, proposals and presentations.
Type of conference:
Its an international scientific conference with participation of scholars, academic staff of the Academy of Security, domestic and foreign researchers and experts of security matters, leaders and specialists of State Police structures, other law enforcement
agencies, police mission officers who assist the Police The State, representatives of academic partner institutions in the country and foreign partner police academies / colleges / universities. The conference will be held in Albanian language. There will be translation service from/and in English language for foreign scholars and participants. 

For more detailed, please find enclosed CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – International scientific conference – November 2017, Tirana. Please be aware that deadline for submitting abstracts will be 5th July!