Cooperation between ENFSI and the LEWP

3. January 2020

On October 18 2020 the Law Enforcement Working Party under the Finnish presidency and initiative discussed the affiliation with ENFSI and its benefits in relation to Forensic Sciences. In 11834/2/19 REV 2 it was concluded that:

• The Presidency shall consider inviting a representative of ENFSI to the LEWP when forensic science is discussed in the working party
• ENFSI takes the initiative as appropriate and contacts the Presidency in order to report to the LEWP about new developments in forensic science services

With great gratification the ENFSI Board received this decision. Over recent years, there have been already numerous instances of a close cooperation between the LEWP and ENFSI, especially in the context of the implementation of the EFSA 2020Action Plan. ENFSI was the coordinator of three out of five actions and a contributor in one, and has been actively contributing to all implementations and reporting.
We consider our monopoly status in Forensic Sciences in Europe as a privilege and at the same time feel liable as service providers to keep Forensic Science at the forefront in Europe.