EJTN Criminal Justice Seminar on Forensic Science

7. January 2021

From 19th to 20th November 2020, the European Justice Training Network (EJTN) organised an online Criminal Justice Seminar called “The Use of the Forensic Science Evidence in Courts – Challenges and Developments in the EU” in cooperation with ENFSI.

Representatives of two ENFSI Expert Working Groups (DNA WG and Drugs WG) enriched the programme with interesting contributions on the following topics:

  • Interpretation of forensic DNA evidence in criminal cases
  • Forensic DNA phenotyping (FDP) methods for criminal investigations
  • Individualization of a seized drug to a specific production batch/source (drugs profiling)
  • Neurological influence of drugs
  • New types of drugs
  • Latest methodologies of drug imports/transportation and tips for investigations

As the EJTN and we as ENFSI consider education and training of external stakeholders very important we will not give up our efforts to contribute to such successful training activities.