2nd European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology

2013-08-30 - 2013-08-31

Netherlands Forensic Institute; the Hugue


The Netherlands Forensic Institute and the ENFSI Project Group ‘Forensic Archaeology’ are pleased to announce the 2nd European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology (EMFA). The format of the meeting will mirror that of last years meeting and focus on the development of forensic archaeology within Europe.
The meeting will bring together forensic archaeologists, forensic anthropologists, police officers and other professionals. This diverse community will provide a unique and powerful environment in which to advance the field of forensic archaeology.
The two day program will be divided into five broad thematic topics:
• Inauguration of the ENFSI Project Group Forensic Archaeology
• Plenary session on country specific forensic archaeology
• Taphonomic studies
• Case studies
• Expectations for the future and a new location for the 2014 meeting
More details you can find here: