“Crime Scene” 2nd International Scientific Conference


Warsaw; Poland


Date: 13 March 2014, the second day of the 3rd International Forensic Technology CrimeLab 2014

Conference venue: Conference room “B” on the first floor of the MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre at ul. Marsa 56c in Warsaw

Organizers: Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Polish Forensic Association, National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution

Language: Polish/English

Website: Crime Scene Conference

Admission: 123 PLN registration fee (click to register).
NOTE: The conference will take place during the CrimeLab Fair, which requires separate registration available on the CrimeLab website. On-site registration will be also possible during the conference.

Contact persons:
Ewa Klimuk; ewa.klimuk@policja.gov.pl, phone.: 22 60 151 15
Katarzyna Zwierzyk; katarzyna.zwierzyk@policja.gov.pl, phone: 22 60 151 15

The crime scene investigations of illicit drug laboratory and armed fatal shooting incident will take place on the stand of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police and will be opened for all participants of CrimeLab Fair.

Crime scene investigation constitutes an integral part of the evidential process and is related to both scientific and practical sphere. The role of particular law enforcement agencies involved in the crime scene investigation and further investigation activities are determined by legal provisions, which require to be constantly reviewed and analysed. The implementation of the best solutions for crime scene investigation and the improvement of cooperation between law enforcement agencies could positively impact the quality of CSI operations and be utilized to obtain hard evidence.
These issues inspired the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police to organize “Crime Scene” international scientific conference, which shall take place on the 13th March 2014 at the MT Polska Trade Fair and Congress Centre during CrimeLab and EuroLab Fairs (12-14 March 2014).
The main aim of the conference is to discuss and sum up current state of play regarding crime scene investigation both in Poland and abroad as well as to exchange experience in this field.
The conference will be mainly focused on legal aspects related to crime scene investigation and will present the most crucial problems regarding technological development, latest scientific and practical achievements as well as the progress in the sphere of European standardisation serving as a basis for fostering cooperation between individual agencies. Joint discussion held during the conference will allow to define legal and formal standpoints on crime scene investigation.
The vital part of the conference will be devoted to workshop involving teams of crime scene officers, forensic experts and prosecutors. The mock crime scene investigations will take place parallel to the conference and aim at the identification and collection of forensic material from the scene of illicit drug laboratory and armed fatal shooting incident.
The conference is addressed to theoreticians and practitioners working in the forensic field, scientific researchers, representatives of Polish judiciary and prosecutors, police managers, crime scene officers as well as the entrepreneurs from both Poland and abroad.
It is worth emphasizing that the conference is the continuation of the last year’s meeting and previous edition enjoyed great popularity and recognition.