CSI, Drugs and DNA MRDs

CSI, Drugs and DNA MRDs


Launch of CSI, Drugs and DNA MRDs at WFF 2014, 12-17 October 2014, Seoul, Korea

IFSA recognises the importance of a quality management framework in forensic laboratories to provide quality and standardised results, be it procedures undertaken in the field or in the laboratory.


In February 2012, at the special IFSA meeting hosted by UNODC and convened in Vienna to discuss the needs of the emerging forensic laboratories in developing countries, a decision was taken to create a set of minimum requirement documents (MRD) filling the gap in recommendations available for the current management of these laboratories.


The first series of three documents in the specific areas of identification of seized drugs, DNA analysis, and crime scene investigation have been created. These documents have focused on the critical quality areas, using simple terms and illustrations as well as a glossary to guide the users through the important concepts of the documents.


These documents are meant to act as a start-up guide for emerging forensic laboratories to quickly establish their quality management system and scientific/technical capabilities. Once achieved, the laboratories should continue to build on this foundation and strive to continually improve the quality of services through undergoing accreditations to established standards.


In the drafting of these documents, scientific working groups and experts from the six regional forensic science networks, as well as IFSA strategic partners, made valuable contributions during the various rounds of consultation. The final MRD documents presented in this series would not be possible without the involvement of all.


It is IFSA’s hope that these documents will play an important role for emerging forensic laboratories in their journey towards building quality forensic services.

IFSA Board 
October 2014
Document Name  Area PDF file          Approval Date
IFSA MRD 1 Crime Scene Investigation IFSA CSI MRD October 2014
IFSA MRD 2 DNA Collection, Analysis and Interpretation IFSA DNA MRD October 2014
IFSA MRD 3 Identification of Seized Drugs IFSA Drugs MRD October 2014



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