ENFSI 27th Board and Annual Meeting 2023 The Hague

4. October 2023

With great pleasure we announce the 27th ENFSI Board, which was elected during the Annual Meeting 2023 in The Hague.

Congratulations and all the best for the future to the new board!

Chairperson: Dorijan Kerzan
Chairperson Designate: Agnieszka Lukomska
Treasurer: Attila Kuczmann
Regular Board Members: Mark Pearse, Chris Porter, Frédérique Coutat and Charlot Casha

In this sense we would also like to thank again NFI (Netherlands Forensic Institute), Annemieke de Vries and Judy van Overfeld for the great organization of the Annual Meeting. We would also like to thank Sebastiano Battiato and Zeno Geradts for their presentations on Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, which turned into productive discussions during lively workshops.

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