ENFSI Board Meeting January 9th-10th 2024 in Wiesbaden, Germany

1. February 2024

On January 9th the latest ENFSI Board Meeting took place at the facilities of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) in Wiesbaden, Germany.
The board came together to discuss future plans for the network. Apart from the discussion of numerous organizational and staff matters, the board took the time to review current action plans and allocate the resulting tasks accordingly. Plans to optimize the distribution of information were discussed and set in motion.
The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to further strengthen the bond between ENFSI and the Forensic Institute of the German Federal Criminal Police Office.
Despite the relatively short duration of the meeting, the Board was able to tackle important debates beyond the agenda items thanks to effective cooperation.

Board Members from left to right: Frédérique Coutat, Mark Pearse, Attila Kuczmann, Dorijan Kerzan, Chris Porter, Agnieszka Lukomska, Charlot Casha


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