ENFSI OTS and QCLG Meetings 2023

4. December 2023

ENFSI OTS and QCLG Meetings, 10-12 October 2023 in Istanbul

Both events were organized in close cooperation by the Quality and Competence standing Committee (QCC) of ENFSI and the Institute of Forensic Medicine (Council of Forensic Medicine – Adli Tıp Kurumu Başkanlığı) in Istanbul.

Nearly 60 participants attended. They represented various disciplines of Forensic Science. Furthermore representatives of EA (the European Cooperation for Accreditation), UKAS (the UK Accreditation Body) and ESYD (the Greek Accreditation Body) were invited to give presentations and share their knowledge.

During these meetings a variety of quality and competence presentations were delivered and discussed. They provided an exhaustive overview of opportunities for using Opinions and Interpretations in Forensic Science, Flex Scope Accreditation, Multidisciplinary Examination Approaches and Risk Management to mention just a few.

The experience in these areas were shared through the opportunity of participating in Workshops, that resulted in feedback and discussion sessions during both events, which was highly appreciated by the participants.

The exchange of opinions and knowledge may contribute to the introduction of new solutions in ENFSI laboratories and increased effectiveness of the overall operation of forensic laboratories.

It should be noted that issues related to quality assurance in forensic laboratories are among the priorities of both the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes and all entities participating in the pre-trial process.

The seminar was also an excellent opportunity for the QCLG members, who are representing their ENFSI Expert Working Groups, to meet and have opportunities for discussion with the QCC and each other. Last but not least, these meetings were bringing together quality managers of the ENFSI laboratories.

Mr Hizir Asliyuksek (Director of ATK Istanbul, Turk)

Ayşegül Şahin (ATK Quality manger, local OTS-QCLG organization)

Jos Tóth (ENFSI, Chair of QCC, NFI The Netherlands)

ENFSI: European Network of Forensic Science Institutes
OTS: One Day Two topic Seminar
Quality and Competency Liaison Group
All presentation used during the OTS and QCLG meetings are downloadable via the Europol EPE
website (QCLG)

Please find the respective LinkedIn Post here.

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