11. June 2024

On June 6th 2024, our friend and ENFSI pioneer Terje Kjeldsen passed away.
Terje Kjeldsen (1948) studied chemistry at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim and started his career with the National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS) in 1974. During the years he has held different positions at the Forensic Department inter alia as Head of Chemistry Unit, as Leading Chemist and as Quality Manager.
In 1993 he participated in the first meeting of a group of 13 European, forensic laboratories to discuss the creation of a European network. This initiative led to the formal foundation
of ENFSI in 1995. Terje has been the permanent representative of KRIPOS from the very beginning in 1993 until his retirement in 2015.
He also held other positions within ENFSI: Board member (2003 – 2006), organiser of the important One day, one topic seminar “The Future of ENFSI – The Monopoly Project” (2009) in Oslo, financial auditor (2009 – 2012) and co-author of “The History of ENFSI 1995–2015, 20 years of forensic cooperation in Europe” (2015 – still downloadable as History-of-ENFSI.pdf from the ENFSI website).
Terje’s impressive contributions to the foundation and development of ENFSI were widely recognised. In 2005, ENFSI awarded him with the ENFSI Distinguished Contributor Award. At the end of his ENFSI career, he was appointed as an Honorary Member.
He will be remembered as a friendly and constructive man by all who have known him. Our thoughts are with his wife, daughter and other relatives and friends.

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  • Kimmo Himberg
    12. June 2024 13:59

    The message of the death of Terje Kjeldsen is enormously sad news. He was indeed one of the few colleagues deeply committed to developing European cooperation in forensic science who, in March 1993, met in Rijswijk and inititiated ENFSI.
    Terje and I had met for the first time in the Interpol Forensic Science Symposium the previous autumn. We worked together through the early years of ENFSI, ultimately in the 8th Board in 2003-05. Terje was always the voice of reason, the constructive and kind-hearted colleague and friend. Throughout the years we met in tens of various ENFSI meetings, and Terje´s contribution both professionally and socially was invaluable every time.
    Thank you for your friendship, Terje. Rest in peace.

    • Richard Adams
      12. June 2024 16:39

      I too was very sad to hear of Terje’s passing. I met him at many annual meetings and struck up a real friendship with him and Karin. He was unfailingly kind and he and Karin were good companions for us on many outings. Our friendship continued through annual Christmas emails for many years after my retirement in 2003. My sympathy goes out to Karin and his daughter at this time.

  • Anabel Fernandez
    14. June 2024 8:38

    It was a true honor to have had the opportunity to know Terje. My deepest condolences go to Karin and the family during this difficult time.


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