Statement of ENFSI on the acts of war in Ukraine

18. March 2022

ENFSI has always been proud to be a non-political organisation, dedicated to the truth in science. There are institutes from 39 countries who put aside governmental differences and work together. As enriching as this approach is, in light of Russia´s aggression towards the Ukraine, ENFSI has re-evaluated its neutrality.
With regard to the constitution, ENFSI is in close relation to the Council of Europe and therefore, measures of suspension of the two Russian institutes have been taken within ENFSI’s juridical scope. ENFSI discontinued its cooperation with both institutes at all levels with immediate effect.
Taking into account the newer developments of the 16th of March where the Committee of Ministers decided the Russian Federation to be no longer a member of the Council of Europe, the two Russian institutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg shall also cease to be members of ENFSI.
The necessary coordination measures within the Network to exclude the two institutes are currently being implemented.
Even though these actions are addressed to the North-Western Forensic Science Centre in Saint Petersburg and the Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice in Moscow, ENFSI´s intention is targeted towards Russia´s warfare and not towards fellow Russian colleagues. The ENFSI Board considers this measure being an appropriate way to demonstrate ENFSI´s position, which is to condemn the Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

ENFSI´s thoughts are with Ukraine and especially the four Ukrainian ENFSI member institutes.


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